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Algebra 2代数2
Tution Fee: $150.00
Room: 取消
Session: 11:00 - 11:00 PM
Term: Cultural
周翎 老师
周翎老师在国内获得过化工工程学士学位, 并且在美国获得了教育学硕士双学位。她本人非常热爱教育事业,在美国从事教育近二十年,积累了丰富的教学及课堂管理经验。善于启发和诱导学生的学习兴趣, 教学中注重培养学生的创造性思维和解决问题的能力。精通美国小学至高中数学的教学课程和体系, 多年来一直教授 Pre-algebra, Algebra1, Algebra 2, High School Geometry, Pre-calculus及 ACT and SAT 。课堂教学方法灵活.她的教学方式和成果受到了学多学生和家长的一致好评。在周老师的帮助辅导下,许多学生顺利 考入Honor 和Advanced Classes 并获得ACT,SATI, SATII 满分的好成绩。

1. 注重对数学基本概念的清晰及深入理解。
2. 培养对数学概念的灵活运用。
3. 强调数学概念之间的衔接和融会贯通。
4. 进行有效的练习。
Class Introduction

招生范围: This course is designed for 7 th , 8 th , 9 th grade students

who have completed Algebra 1. It is a one-year course

covering the following Units.






1. Introduction to Function
 define and identify a function, identify the key functions by graphs, tables and rea life scenarios, to find a regression equation that best matches the data, identify the domain and range of a function, inverse functions, transformations of a function (vertical, horizontal, reflection, stretch or shrink), write the intervals for which a function is increasing or decreasing, even function and odd function, evaluate and graph piecewise functions, model a situation using a piecewise function 
2. Quadratic Function and Complex Number
Understanding quadratic function transformation, standard form, intercept form and vertex form, Completing square, complex number and complex root, Modeling and Solving real life problems by applying the quadratic function, Analyzing the focus, directrix of a parabola and quadratic inequality.
3. Polynomial Functions 
  Graphing Polynomial Functions, the Operation of Polynomial, Factoring Polynomial, Solving Polynomial Equation, Transformation of Polynomial, Understanding the End Behavior of Polynomial Function, Long Division and Synthetic Division, Rational Root Theorem.
 4. Rational Exponents and Radical Function  
  Nth Root and Rational Exponents and Radicals, Graphing Radical Functions, Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities.   
   5. Exponential and Logarithmic Function,
     Exponential Growth and Decay Functions, the Natural Base e, Logarithmic Functions, Transformation of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Properties of Logarithms, Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, Modeling with Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. 
   6. Rational Function
      Rewrite a rational expression, write and solve a model for real world situations that involve rational expressions. find the domain and range of a rational function, find zeros, vertical and horizontal asymptotes, end behavior, and y-intercept of a rational function, graph a rational function without a calculator, identify the domain and range and graph a radical function. 
 7. Sequence and Series
 Defining and Using Sequence and Series, Recursive Sequences, Analyzing Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence and Series, Finding Sum of Infinite Series 

8. Trigonometric Functions and Properties
      Introduction to Modeling Sinusoidal Functions, Angles of Rotation and Radian Measure, Real Numbers and the Unit Circle, Trigonometric Functions on the Unit Circle, Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions, Transformations of Sine and Cosine Functions, Modeling with Sinusoidal Functions, Identifying Pythagorean Identities.  
9 Data Analysis and Statistics
    Comparing Data Sets, The Empirical Rule and Normal Distribution, Normal Distribution, Random Samples, Confidence Intervals and Margin of Error