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Volunteer Opportunities

Contribute your time

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Detroit Chinese School is run by volunteer parents. Parents can volunteer in many different ways:

  1. Join the school board and school administration committee to manage the school;
  2. Become class representatives, to help the teachers in the classroom dealing with problems and daily work activities;
  3. Do your duty at school and classrooms, both to ensure the good order of the school and to strengthen the majority of parents' participation.
  4. Response to "call for volunteers" for various actives with your talents.


Make a donation

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To donate with a check: If you wish to make a donation with a check please complete this form and make your check payable to ACSGD. Attach this form with your check, either drop your check and form at school office at ACSGD during class hours, or mail them to

P. O. Box 1173
Troy, MI 48099

Upon receiving the check, you will receive a receipt and a thank you letter from ACSGD principal (with tax ID for tax deduction purpose).

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