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About Us

About Us

The American Chinese School of Greater Detroit (ACSGD) is a non-profit educational institution that operates during the school year's weekends. Dedicated to the teaching of Chinese language and culture to residents in the Greater Detroit area, it currently has more than 700 enrolled students, over 25 excellent Chinese language teachers and 20 culture teachers. ACSGD is now Michigan's largest Chinese school, and Michigan's only designated host for the Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK), China's only national standardized test for Chinese language proficiency in non-native speakers. In 2013, ACSGD was also recognized by the Chinese government as one of the best 'Oversea Model School for Chinese Education'. ACSGD is open on Saturdays in Derby Middle School of Birmingham, Michigan.

Our Classes

ACSGD offers 46 Chinese classes throughout Grades K-11 and bilingual classes. Kindergarteners are taught the basic Chinese Pinyin, while Grades 1-9 follow a well-recognized curriculum through the Zhong Wen textbooks by China's Ji Nan University. Grade 10 classes prepare students for the HSK exam and the Chinese SAT II. Eleventh graders study for the Chinese AP exam. The bilingual classes, designed for students who do not have native Chinese speakers at home, offer five level courses.

Our Enrichments

In addition, annual Chinese Pinyin, speech and writing contests within and outside of ACSGD are organized to promote academic excellence. Besides Chinese language classes, the school also offers 20 cultural classes, including dance, singing, painting, chess, martial arts, basketball, creative writing, math and SAT prep. Lastly, various adult classes such as aerobics, yoga, dance and chorus are offered to the school's parents so that they can receive an enriching experience as well.

Our Parents

Since its founding in 1972, ACSGD has relied on voluntary and active participation of the students' parents for equitable sharing of expenses, administration and other duties. The school is led by a Parents' Council, a Board of Trustees and an Administrative Committee, all consisting of parent volunteers. The Board of Trustees review and determine the direction and the policy of ACSGD, while the Administrative Committee carries out routine operations in the school. The Parents' Council elects members for the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Committee, and also make suggestions regarding the teaching method and content of the instruction material. ACSGD also organizes regular professional training to all the teachers in order to encourage teaching excellence. This cooperative effort has contributed to the growth of the school.

Published in ACSGD eNewsletter, Oct 01 - 08, 2011, Volume 4, No. 1

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