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School Staffs

Title Name Email
教务长助理 (Assistant to the Provost)Jed Chen Andrew Gejctbd.acsgd@acsgd.net
校长 (Principal)张献钢Acsgd.xiangang@gmail.com
运营/活动副校长 (Operation/Activity Vice Principal)张秀川 (Xiuchuan Zhang)xiuchuanzhang611@gmail.com
IT副校长 (IT Vice Principal)朱一鸣 (Yiming Zhu)itoperation@acsgd.org
财务副校长(会计)(Finance Accountant Vice Principal)朱黎娜linazhu@gmail.com
文化课副校长 (Cultural Vice Principal)汪泓Heatherwang0713@gmail.com
宣传副校长 (Communication Vice Principal)熊俐丽 (Lili Xiong)joinker@126.com
财务副校长(出纳)(Finance Casher Vice Principal)王淑芳 (Shufang Wang)shufangwang2000@yahoo.com
注册副校长 (Registration Vice Principal)罗亚敏 (Luo, Yamin)yaminluo@gmail.com
总务/活动副校长(Activity Vice Principal)陈婷 (Tina Chen)tinachan316@gmail.com
教务长 (Provost)黄硕(Huang, Shuo)shuohuang@oakland.edu