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Class Detail

双语B6 A
Tution Fee: $390.00
Room: 209
Session: 9:00 - 11:00 AM
Term: Chinese
Ms. Hong Lin 北京外国语大学英语专科毕业,东密西根大学数学/计算机/传播学本科毕业。有20年的中文教龄。获得国务院侨办颁发的优秀海外华文教师奖。曾在私立学校、特许学校教K-8年级,在安娜堡公立学校以及几所社区大学教中文暑期班和成人班。曾在安华中文学校教过两年双语班。目前周末在底特律、新世纪和坎通中文学校教双语班、暨大中文二年级、中文高级班和创意中文班;周一到周五在语言培训公司提供儿童到成人的离境前中文和文化培训和入境后的ESL英文课程。教学风格:幽默诙谐,启发思考,喜欢制造轻松和欢乐的学习气氛以激发学生们学习的热情。根据学生的需求设计课程和游戏并鼓励学生积极参与,尽量做到寓教于乐。
Class Introduction


Introduction to Bilingual Chinese Level 6, intermediate level

Textbook: Young Chinese-Developing Speaking Skills Level 6

Young Chinese-Developing Speaking Skills consists of 11 levels, and is targeted at learners from a non-Mandarin Chinese or non-Asian cultural background. It is ideal for a bilingual classroom setting. This edition places more emphasis on the communicative functions by putting “listening and speaking before reading and writing”. Upon completion of this series, students will have the ability of studying, working and living in China.

This series compiles with the New YCT and HSK Chinese proficiency level examination outlines developed by the Chinese National Hanban Office, and also meet the foreign language learning standards 5C (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) requirements and SAT-II / AP Chinese exam equivalents.

Level 6 is the 7th book of this series. Students should master 120 new characters, 124 new phrases, more conjunction words and sentence structures, and be able to reproduce the 12 texts studied in their own words. Students will be able to describe a variety of travels, sports and games, professions, medicals, environment and the world, dining and payments, Mandarin and local dialects, feelings, and personal relationships. The students will have satisfactory knowledge of Chinese holidays, festivals and customs, and they will be aware of the similarities and dissimilarities between Chinese and Western cultures.  Homework completion is required for this class.

Level 6 is the highest for intermediate level. At this level, students will be:

      Able to recognize 460 characters and 380 words and recite 48 texts

      Able to introduce themselves with regards to name, gender, hobbies and abilities

      Able to talk about actions, meals, shopping, traffic, festivals and events

      Able to express suggestions, explanations, requests. and opinions

By completion of Book 6, a level of YCT4 or HSK3 should be reached.  Students are strongly encouraged to take the YCT or HSK test held by our school annually. The teacher will provide instructions, practice materials and mock tests.