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Submitted by acsgd on October 3, 2020

1. This Saturday (Jan 23) ACSGD has Chinese classes as normal. We will keep in virtual classes in the whole spring semester of 2021. Please pay attention to the start link sent by each class teacher and log in to the zoom meeting room on time. If you have not received the link and other information, please contact our academic affairs department before the class: Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com.

2. All the cultural classes in this spring semester of 2021 will start this Saturday(1/23)! The affordable and reliable Chinese school culture class is an indispensable artifact for you and your children to enrich your home life and study at home. For specific details, please log in to ACSGD official website of the school registration course: https://acsgd.yourwebsites.net/signin

Then select the course category: Cultural, select the school year: 2020-2021SY, and click search, then you can browse and select courses you may like, as shown below:

There will be 7 classes open this weekend as shown in the chart below.

For detailed information of the classes, please go to ACSGD’s registration official website.

For those who have already registered, please scan the code to join the Class WeChat Group. Information such as the Zoom ID and password of the class will be released in the group by the teacher before the class. The QR codes of these 7 classes are as follows:

3. The class of “Advanced Eloquence Class for 12-15 Years Old Students" will have an open class this Sunday (1/24). Parents and students are welcome to attend. No registration is need. You can come first to see if it is suitable for your child. To attend the Open Class on Sunday, you need to join the WeChat group of the class using the QR code shown in the picture above. The teacher will pass the information such as the Zoom ID and password etc. in the group before class.

4. ACSGD also opened a Facebook account recently. Please follow us on Facebook:


ACSGD Facebook account name:

5. The registration for 2020-21 Ski Club of ACSGD has been opened, please go to www.acsgd.org, and search for 2020-21 Winter Skiing (20-21-W-19) to register! You can get nice discount ticket price by joining our ski club.

6. Our school has a cooperative relationship with Amazon. If parents purchase things by connecting their Amazon account and the ACSGD school account, our School will receive a love rebate from your shopping as your support to the school. For specific operations, please refer to the sending operation guide documents in the group. In just a few minutes, your daily purchases can also help the Chinese school!

7The ACSGD will set up an online duty room during class time every Saturday. The principal, academic affairs department, and registration department team members will answer questions online through this zoom duty room. If you have any questions, please come directly to log in this online duty room for on-site communication and consultation.

Time: Jan 23th, 2021 09:15 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 792 227 3100 Passcode: 12345 You are always welcome!

8. In order to ensure the normal teaching order and learning effect during the online course, ACSGD recommends that all students should be able to cooperate with the teacher's requirements and turn on the camera during the online course study time. This is more conducive to teacher-student interaction, and also allows teachers to supervise the children's learning status. But please note that if you are a new student of our school and have not yet signed the relevant agreement, please contact our academic department before the class (sent email to Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com and request the agreement works) and we need every student sign the relevant online course agreement before you log in to the on-line classes.

9. The theme of this week's story time: The Chinese 12 Zodiac. This Sunday (Jan24) at 2pm Eastern Time, the Michigan Rice Porridge Story Time Club invites all children to participate, listen to stories, and learn Chinese! Don't miss it!

Meeting ID: 869 7903 5394

Passcode: damizhou

10. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school committee members. You can find our contact information on the school website: https://www.acsgd.org, or you can ask questions in our official WeChat group.