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Submitted by acsgd on October 3, 2020

Dear Parents of ACSGD:

The following are some important tips about our school. Please check them out and we hope that they are helpful.

1. This Saturday (JUN 5TH) ACSGD has Chinese classes as normal. Please pay attention to the start link sent by each class teacher and log in to the zoom meeting room on time. If you have not received the link and other information, please contact our academic affairs department before the class: Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com.

2.The summer culture classes of ACSGD are on line for registration, the course overview list is as follows. For detailed course introduction and registration, please log in to the school’s official website: https://acsgd.yourwebsites.net/signin In nearly future, we will also be continuously update new summer culture classes in the official WeChat group and the school's official website, so please stay tuned.

3. The summer vacation is about to begin, and the annual Chinese Youth Essay Competition (Oversea) sponsored by Overseas Chinese Office of Jiangsu Province is about to kick off. Scope and norms of the essay submission: writing in Chinese, no more than 1500 words. No limited writing style, homesickness, travel notes, reading feelings, family life, etc. can be submitted; Essay genre: any genre, diaries, letters, essays, poems, novels and other interventions. The deadline for registration is August 31ST, 2021. If you want to join this competition, please follow the next 2 steps:

① Please click the below link to fill the registration form of ACSGD:


② Please e-mail your essay work for this competition to: acsgd.michigan@gmail.com before Aug 31st, 2021.

Children who love Chinese writing should seize this opportunity. Parents should also pay attention to the follow-up notice and time schedule.

4. The Graduation Commencement of ACSGD 2019-20 and 2020-21 School Years (2 years merged) will be held outdoors on Saturday June 19 (if weather is not good, it will be changed to Sunday 6/20), followed by a party and an annual picnic for teachers and staff. Graduation certificates will be issued and the graduation commemorative albums will be distributed. This will be a milestone and significant event for the students learning Chinese overseas. We hope teachers, all graduates and their family, relatives and friends can come to celebrate and enjoy the event! More details will be sent next week.

5. Tea sets charity sale. To thank parents' support, we will charity sell the tea pots and tea sets (donated by Birmingham School District) to parents at a favorable price. Buying those, you will not only get exquisite tea sets, but also contribute to our Chinese school!

Please click the link below to preview the tea sets pictures and place your orders. Thank you!


6.ACSGD will set up an online duty room during class time every Saturday. The principal, academic affairs department, and registration department team members will answer questions online through this zoom duty room. If you have any questions, please come directly to log in this online duty room for on-site communication and consultation.

Time: JUNE 5th, 2021 09:15 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

7. In order to ensure the normal teaching order and learning effect during the online course, ACSGD recommends that all students should be able to cooperate with the teacher's requirements and turn on the camera during the online course study time. This is more conducive to teacher-student interaction, and also allows teachers to supervise the children's learning status. But please note that if you are a new student of our school and have not yet signed the relevant agreement, please contact our academic department before the class (sent email to Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com and request the agreement works) and we need every student sign the relevant online course agreement before you log in to the on-line classes.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school committee members. You can find our contact information on the school website: https://www.acsgd.org, or you can ask questions in our official WeChat group.


ACSGD 2020-2021 school year