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Submitted by acsgd on October 3, 2020

Dear Parents of ACSGD,

Please read the following information carefully regarding recent updates and activities of our School:

1. We will have classes on Saturday (May 14) as normal, except Grade 10. The morning classes start from 9:00 am. Most afternoon classes start from 12:30 pm, and some classes start from 1:00 pm.

Students of in-person classes are required to wear masks, follow THE 2021-22 School Year Physical Class Arrangement (9/17/2021 update) (click the link below), cooperate with the school team for hygiene and epidemic prevention.

Students who take online classes, please pay attention to each class zoom link and password sent by the teachers, and log in to the corresponding zoom meeting on time. If you are taking an online course and have not received information of the course from teacher, please contact our academic affairs department in advance at: shuohuang@oakland.edu

THE 2021-22 School Year Physical Class Arrangement (9/17/2021 update):


If a student has COVID symptoms, parents should report to the teacher immediately and don’t send the student to the school.

2. This Saturday, the classrooms of Classes Ka, 1A and 1B will be used for HSK tests. The arrangement of the classroom for the affected classes are as follows.

(1) Class Ka will use Classroom 204.

(2) Class 1A will use Classroom 115.

(3) Class 1B will use Classroom 216.

(4) Class 2A will still use Classroom 104, no changes.

(5) The students of above 4 classes will use the main entrance (Exit #3) to enter the building.

3. The 17th Michigan State Chinese Contest organized by Michigan Chinese School Association and hosted by our school finished successfully on May 7th. Thank our teachers and parent volunteers who provided the help and served as judges in the contest. Our students performed very well in the contest and shown below are the awards they received.

4. The registration of the summer culture classes will start soon. Please pay attention to the school notice.

5. If you have any questions, please contact our school committee members (contact information can be found on the official website), or ask questions in our official WeChat group. Thanks for your cooperation!


ACSGD 2020-2021 school year