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Class Detail

Algebra 1
Tution Fee: $320.00
Room: Online
Session: 3:00 - 4:30 PM
Term: Cultural
老师1997 在college of engineering, the university of Michigan 获得硕士学位,主修应用数学。陈老师从2006年起在中文学校教中学数学, Algebra 1,有丰富的教学经验。
Class Introduction
上课时间:1/23/2021开学 每周六 3:00pm – 4:30 pm
Algebra I
• Binders/Notebook/Graph Paper
Students will keep a binder of all materials distributed, note taken,
and work completed during a unit. This is an excellent tool for
students to use while reviewing material and studying for tests.
Notebook and graph paper are also required.
There is a one-time $20 material fee.
• Assessment
Homework is due the following Saturday, unless otherwise indicated.
Later assignments would make only if it is accompanied by a note
from a parent or guardian. Tests and quiz will be also part of the

Topics of study:
Chapter 1: Solving Linear Equations
Chapter 2: Solving Linear Inequalities
Chapter 3: Graphing Linear Functions
Chapter 4: Writing Linear Functions
Chapter 5: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Chapter 6: Exponential Functions and Sequences
Chapter 7: Polynomial Equations and Factoring
Chapter 8: Graphing Quadratic Functions
Chapter 9: Solving Quadratic Equations|
Chapter 10: Radical Functions and Equations
Chapter 11: Data Analysis and Displays


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