Reading, Writing Speaking for Middle Schoolers


Sorry that this class is cancelled due to unavailability of the teacher.
12 weeks Winter(Jan --May 2018)
6-8th Graders; Class size:15




11:10AM - 12:20PM


Dr. Jamie Thomas

Class Introduction

Dr.Jamie Thomas is the author of Etch and Blur (Brick Road Poetry Press). A recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize, Thomas’ poems have appeared in such journals as 32 Poems, 5 AM, The Missouri Review, New Ohio Review, Third Coast, Verse and online at Verse Daily. He lives in Detroit and teaches Writing at Ferris State University. He taught over 20 upper elementary and middle school students at JH FLAG STREAMS camp (hosted by ACA) during summer and received very positive feedback from both students and parents. 12 WEEK CURRICULUM – READING, WRITING, SPEAKING. The curriculum can be modified to place units in different orders. In general, each unit is a 3-week project-based cycle, with focuses on readings, discussion, smaller writing assignments, and a larger project at the culmination of each unit that will have a written and presentation component. Also each unit will focus on specific and appropriate issues of the style and mechanics of writing throughout.

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