Pre School






Class Introduction

采用说儿歌, 念童谣, 学汉字, 及描写基础笔划训练, 并通过做手工,学绘画和游戏表演等开发想象力和创造力的方式, 培养幼儿学习中文和中国文化的兴趣。 1. 培养幼儿听的能力: 能听懂并按照教师的指令和要求参与完成各种读写手工绘画游戏表演等活动。 2. 培养幼儿说的能力: 练习正确的发音, 学习认识并运用基本礼貌用语, 40种日常生活用品和10种基本色彩及4种简单图形,会数认数字从一至十, 熟读背诵儿歌童谣。 The objective of Pre-School class is to encourage an interest in learning Chinese at an early age through listening, speaking, reading, writing, crafts, drawing, games, performance, numbers, simple math and creativity, etc. 1.To introduce Chinese listening skills: a. Understand and follow teacher's basic instructions b. Participate in various class activities c. Comprehend and memorize rhymes 2.To build Chinese speaking skills: a.Practice correct pronunciation of words b.Practice using common courtesy words c.Practice identifying everyday objects d.Practice basic colors and shapes e.Practice counting numbers in Chinese f.Promote a Chinese-speaking environment 3.To participate in the group creativity activities to create the eye-opening experiences for kids

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