Bilingual - Level 2


Bilingual - Level 2





9:00AM - 11:00 AM


刘潇。 刘潇老师2003年毕业于沈阳师范大学汉语言文学教育专业,并于2016年取得美国密歇根州麦当娜大学的教育硕士学位。刘潇老师在教育,尤其是对外汉语教育领域有着丰富的经验和深厚的造诣。2003年至2015年期间,刘老师多次被国家汉办选派到美国学校教中文。其中,2012-2014学年为西肯塔基大学孔子学院的合作高中教中文,获得了肯塔基州中文教师资格证。

Class Introduction

This teaching material is suitable for beginning Chinese learners ages six to ten. This set of teaching material includes four books, and each book contains sixteen lessons. Each lesson has a text, new vocabulary, exercises and so on. This set of teaching material adopts the method of placing Chinese characters together with their respective Chinese pinyin. It is very convenient for students who have no foundation of Chinese learning with which to learn Chinese. In addition, each lesson makes two Chinese characters the key learning objects. This can satisfy the needs of parents who want their kids to lay a foundation of Chinese characters during their early years. The whole book is furnished with brightly-colored and cute illustrations which should motivate and inspire kids to learn Chinese.

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